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About us

Gara created Vegamundo. She believes that a better world is possible and we can build it everyday with every decision we make.

This motivation was the base for the creation of the entrepreneurship where she works as a conscious and sustainable cook and coach.

She decided to leave her academic career after twelve years because it didn’t make her happy, and also because she didn’t feel it was her place. She went on travelling and boarded a boat that took her on an adventure, and which delivered her to dive into cooking in a professional way.

She discovered an incredibly creative world on cooking and a new way of living. Some time afterwards, this project started to gestate during a long trip around South America, where she lived different cultural and gastronomic experiences.

Back in Spain she got training on basic cooking, concious food and eco-living cooking, and social and green economy. Vegamundo is also nourished by her experience participating in several organic farming consumption groups and also by her personal development towards a more vegan and conscious diet.

Vegamundo is the result of how she sees the world, because it cannot be the other way.