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Saturday 3rd of February from 9 to 19 h

Saturday 3rd of February
from 9 to 19 h

Conscious Eating and Cooking Gathering

Saturday 3rd of February from 9 to 19 h

Where:  Espacio Eco-creativo Vegamundo en Calle Clemente Jordán 70 (Arucas)

Contribution: €50
(We have a spot available for individuals with limited financial resources, please contact us.)

You can sign up directly by accessing the registration form here:

In the form, you will find instructions for payment and reserving your spot.


What does the gathering involve?

It’s a one-day gathering where we will immerse ourselves in mindful eating and cooking. Each gathering is an opportunity to connect what nature offers us with our nutritional and energetic needs for this time of year.


The workshops are 100% hands-on and participatory, following the corresponding seasonal recipe book. We will use ingredients based on mindful eating and cooking from a holistic perspective, considering both the impact on our health and the environmental and social impact.

Therefore, the ingredients used for the preparations will be organic, fresh, plant-based, locally sourced, seasonal, and, when applicable, bulk and fair trade.

In addition, both the ingredients and the techniques and recipes for each gathering are specially designed to meet nutritional needs, balance energy, and promote the functioning of our organs and bodies during winter.

This proposal is for you!

Would you like to learn more about holistic nutrition?

Do you want to adopt healthy and lasting eating habits?

Would you like to learn to cook more creatively?

Are you up for an inclusive and participatory experience?

Do you want to spend a fun day with like-minded people?

We look forward to welcoming you with open arms and the kitchen utensils ready!

For any doubts or questions, feel free to contact us


• Arrival with a welcome infusion

Conscious movement session to awaken and connect with the body through movement and breath

Breakfast with organic ingredients

Talk on Mindful Eating

• Morning cooking workshop

Lunch with organic ingredients

Group dynamics to practice what has been learned

• Afternoon cooking workshop