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Behind Vegamundo there is a traveller, a dreamer, a person who believes that a better world is possible and we can build it everyday with every decision we make.

I decided to leave my academic career after twelve years because it didn’t make me happy, and also because I didn’t feel it was a place where I could make my contribution to live in a better world. With that I quite literally and completely by chance (or maybe not...), boarded a boat that took me on an adventure, and which delivered me to dive into cooking in a professional way. I discovered how cooking could be much more than just preparing a meal, it is an incredibly creative work of art and it could be my way of living.

Vegamundo is also nourished by my experience participating in several organic farming consumption groups and also by my personal development towards a vegan and conscious diet (I am still on my way). Following these steps I was recently trained in Concious Food and Eco-living Cooking at the Escola d’alimentació viva “Crudivegania” in Girona.

Vegamundo is the result of how I see the world, because for me it cannot be the other way.


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