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Taste the world! In a conscious way

Vegamundo is trying to be part of the global transformation towards a more conscious way of consuming. That is, eating as much more than a need or a pleasure, but a decision that influences the world we live in.

We are what we eat, but we could also say that our world is the result of how we do so. How we eat affects our own health but also that of our society and our planet. Our breakfast could be a contribution to the unfair global food market system, or it could support the fair trade and local market. Our lunch could encourage ecosystem destruction and global warming, or it could be an action that assists organic agriculture and environmental conservation.

Having dinner could support a food industry based on animal abuse and the use of products harmful to our health, or it could be a conscious decision to empathize with animal mistreatment and act with love and care for ourselves. Every time we buy and consume we are making a decision, in an unconscious or conscious way. Let’s do it consciously.


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